• Why #VODFA has been created ?


There are countless web series and short films lost on the internet.

But to find them you must know their names, or by chance, you can come across to them randomly. Because of the cruel lack of visibility in these productions, today VODFA is the solution.

Web-series and short movies also need financial means. Some platforms offer 0,80€ per 1000 views to their content creators. Compared to the average cost of 800€ for a 20 minutes long short movie, it would require a million views to make it profitable… a hard thing to achieve for new creators.

It’s a sad reality that we had to face with FATUM, our first web series. But it is also an everyday problem experienced by directors and creators, whom we had the possibility to meet during our International Web Series Festival #IWFC.
From this observation #VODFA was born.

  • What is #VODFA ?


VODFA is a collaborative platform that gathers original web series and short movies, in order to offer content creators a better visibility and a way to help them in their work.
VODFA has different fields of activities: diffusion, promoting and production of these works.
  • #VODFA's objectives
  • Increasing the visibility of independent web series and short movies by gathering them on the same platform.
  • Helping content creators and directors in their activities.
  • Offering a better remuneration system to content creators.
  • Distributing contents internationally with a subtitles and dubbing services.
  • What #VODFA has to offer : 


VODFA offers an access to its users to a catalogue :
  • of short web series online and offline
  • of interactive and 360° videos
  • of various thematic (Sci-Fi, Drama, Action…)
  • using precise research tools for videos (language, theme, length)

VODFA also offers its users a way to help projects by becoming co-producers thanks to a donation system.

The donation :

The audience will have a choice between single donations and recurring donations.

For recurring donations, two possibilities :

  • a monthly donation
  • a donation per video produced

Two possible access to the platform      : a limited free access and an unlimited access with a maximum of 4€/month subscription (depending the country). 

It will offer unlimited access to the professional platform’s contents and an offline access to the platform’s contents.

This subscription allows for a better income distribution to the different content creators. According to a survey that we carried out on 500 users, 85% would be ready to subscribe.

Rewards :
VODFA rewards the curiosity and the commitment of his users thanks to a reward system based on viewing time, offering access to promotional offers. The integration of a blockchain is one of VODFA’s major strength.
  • How #VODFA works : 
Pay :
VODFA has for main target to offer an economic model that allows independent creators to grow.

When some platforms offer content creators 0,80€ per 1000 views, we offer up to 5€ (different levels)..
VODFA gets paid thanks to a 5% commission on donations, subscriptions and ads.

Content creators :
Content creators have access to an interface that allows them to display their projects in the like of IMDB. Thus, for each project’s page the spectator will be able to :
  • rate and give a review
  • have an overview of an episode/movie
  • have informations on comedians and film crew, but also contact them
  • have informations on the content creator and their artistic process
  • donate 
  • share the project’s page on social media
  • Content creators  already commited


Did you know there is a minimum of 150 French web series ? Webseries we have surveyed:

91% of them are independent, produced thanks to crowdfundings or with personal finances. 97% are ready to join our platform, and this is only a survey on the French scale !



Here's a teaser of what our platform will look like.

Website Version

Smartphone Version


Simply because it’s not a priority for big broadcasters such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon…

Their only interest is to offer content without caring about content creators and the promotion of their works. VODFA differentiates itself by offering diffusions, productions and helping the production of these contents.

Short web series et short movies are still underexploited formats, if they are exploited at all.

VODFA is a perfect compromise between Youtube and Netflix for all project creators. Because Netflix is too super-production oriented and because artistic projects are drowned in billions of challenge videos that can be found on Youtube.




Right now, our interaction with movies entertainment is changing, we need instantaneous access and we prefer short formats, accessible in transports, waiting rooms…

We watch more and more videos on demand.

VODFA will offer formats up to 20 minutes long accessible both online and offline.

The platform’s interface will first be available in French, English and Japanese but will give access to contents in other languages.

During the three following years the platform will be translated in the 10 most spoken languages in the World.



NCF Production is an association that was created to produce the first episodes of FATUM (available here)
This association is run by, among other, Druart Sylvain ( Artistical CV et Professional CV) and Turgard Séverine.

Turgard Séverine


Druart Sylvain

The purpose of this association is to organize events promoting cinema in general, short films and in particular digital series called web series. To promote the territory of Calaisis and the Opal Coast by programming international events. The main goals of this association is to promote the creation of digital series and short films.



VODFA will be organized in a SAS approved ESUS.

But what is ESUS approval ?

A Solidarity Company of Social Utility.

NCF Production Enterprise will therefore be an ESS oriented company.

Our values: 

  • Cinematography training
  • Social and educative innovations
  • Advice and support to artists
  • Worldwide export (subtitle and dubbing program)
  • Jobs creations
  • Unite various service providers around a shared project
  • Develop a cinematographic and numeric dynamic in the Region Hauts-de-France


With the help of Calais, this image education project is already well underway : 12 December 2019 Press



After proposed a join adventure to private partners during a first round, we now wish to offer you the opportunity to join us in this ultimate  adventure.

There are four ways to support us :

1- Via shares

If you wish to join the main contributors of the SAS ESS, it is to buy share form at 500 €. Taking a share also means participating in the active life of the company.

Effective date : When the company is created

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2- Via participatives shares
If you want to invest in our SAS ESS compagny, it is possible to buy participatives shares for € 50. However, the participatives shares does not allow you to participate in the active life of the company during its General Meetings.

Effective date : When the company is created
Number of possible social parties : 1000 maximum
Date de prise d'effet : A la création de l'entreprise
Fixed rate : 6% / an
Variable rate : 1% every 10K € of gross benefits 
Minimum title blocking : 7 years 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3- Via some Goodies
By purchasing Goodies, all profits will be invested in the VODFA project.

4- Via a single or monthly donation